About us

Golf is not just a sport, but a way of life

IT Masters Golf Club is a club founded to bring together IT professionals who love to play golf and have fun together. Our mission is to provide our members with a unique golf experience and create a community of golf enthusiasts who can share their passion for golf and connect with other professionals in the technology industry.

We organize various golf events throughout the year including tournaments, practice rounds, clinics and social gatherings. We also offer our members assistance in booking golf courses and accommodation, as well as special discounts on golf related services.

We believe golf is an ideal way to create new business contacts and strengthen existing relationships. That's why we've tried to incorporate netballing opportunities into our activities, where our members can meet other industry professionals and connect with potential business partners.

We at IT Masters Golf Club are proud to be part of the golf community and are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for our members. If you are a technology industry professional and love golf, join us and become part of one of the most engaging and fastest growing golf communities in the world!

In addition to our mission to provide unique golf experiences to our members and to create a community of golf enthusiasts in the technology industry, we at IT Masters Golf Club have other values that are at the core of what we do.


One of these values is innovation. As a club for technology professionals, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our services and make life easier for our members. We are on the wave of innovation and technological advancements so that we can offer our services at their best.


Another value that is important to us is a healthy lifestyle. Golf is a sport that is very good for health, especially for the heart and circulation. We support a healthy lifestyle and strive to motivate our members to exercise and be active.


At IT Masters Golf Club we believe that golf can be more than just a sport. It can be a way to build beautiful friendships and business relationships, as well as a way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and achieve personal goals. We strive to inspire our members to enjoy all of this by providing them with the opportunity to have fun, learn and create unforgettable memories.