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Welcome to IT Masters Golf Club

Ако споделяте нашата страст към голфа и желаете да се присъедините към нашата престижна общност, оставете вашите координати по-долу. Нашите представители ще се свържат с вас, за да договорим ден и час за финализиране на вашата регистрация. Да влезем заедно в света на ексклузивния голф и да споделим страстта към безупречния удар и безграничната красота на играта.

Benefits of IT Masters Golf Club

With an IT Masters Golf Club membership, you will have many benefits, such as:

Access to exclusive golf courses

Club members have the opportunity to play on selected exclusive golf courses in Bulgaria and abroad that are not open to the public.

Discounts on golf courses

Club members are entitled to significant price reductions on golf courses and practice sessions at the club's Golf Academy.

Access to exclusive events

The club organises exclusive golf events, such as tournaments, camps and more, which are only available to club members.

Access to online platform

Club members have access to an online platform where they can reserve training spots, sign up for events and communicate with other club members.

Discounts in store

The IT Masters pro shop offers discounted prices on golf equipment and apparel to all members. This means our members can get the best deals and discounts on their golf equipment and apparel.

Building new friendships

Club members have the opportunity to meet and get to know new people who share a passion for golf, and build new friendships and business contacts.

Have questions?

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